About us

About KidsDee School

KidsDee Center have specialist about developmental stimulation and  rehabilitation in children with special need. We have cooperated to work  in school, hospital, rehabilitation center, and special education center. We service Neurofeedback training that is treatment technology for children with special need also. So, we design program properly activities better. In Addition, we have ABA and special education for support them. You can confident in treatment. Ultimately, we also have to service at home.

What does KisDee School do?

  KidsDee Center for Special Need Children is an all – inclusive center preschool, providing education, rehabilitation early intervention and therapy service for special need such as Autism ,ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, Delay Development, Mental Retardation, Learning Disability, Language Delayed, Delayed Speech Development. Our purpose is support children’s need. We work with school ,parents or family,therapist, showdown teacher, caregiver because that is important to help children to success the goals. Our team of specialists study new research findings into daily programming and treatment for applying in treatment.

  We are team to support children who need support. We have Occupational therapist, Physical Therapist, Psychologist, Neurofeedback therapist, ABA- VB (Applied behavior analysis and Verbal Behavior ) practitioner ,Special Education Teacher

  We specialize in special Need children and Neurofeedback training . We have experience with children who need to support . We work in school, hospital, and home .