Neurofeedback Program

Neurofeedback ?
What is neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback, also called EEG biofeedback, is a learning technology that enables a person to alter her brain waves. When information about a person’s own brain wave characteristics is made available to her, this person can learn to change them. You can think of it as operant conditioning of the brain wave and as exercise for the brain. Frequencies at which our brains fire underlie every thought, feeling, and behavior. Brain deregulation underlies emotional, cognitive,  and behavioral disorders. The choice of which training approaches are appropriate for a particular individual depends on a professional assessment of symptoms and history. Neurofeedback training should take place only under the supervision of a properly trained professional.
Can a successful outcome be predicted?
It is not possible to predict with certainty that training will be successful for a particular individual. The effectiveness of the training, however, can usually be assessed early on in the course of training. Adverse effect are rare, and when they do occur, they can be revered because neurofeedback promotes brain plasticity.
Why does neurofeedback work work?
The brain is amazingly adaptable or “plastic” and capable of learning. It can learn to improve its own performance, when it is given cues- feedback-about what to change. All learning actually depends on feedback, and the brain is the part of us that is most devoted to learning.
How long does training take?
EEG training is a learning process, and therefore results are seen gradually over time. Indications of progress, however, can be seen usually within 10-20 sessions. Developmental trauma can require over 100 sessions, but the trainee will know it is helping long before all symptoms remit.